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Vision & Mission

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul, Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal." GPS, a modern school with traditional values, caters to the holistic development of the children and nurtures all aspects of the personality resulting in a developed balanced personality. We believe in giving wings to our children to let them fly high and fly far, to reach for the stars, ensuring at the same that they remain rooted. The endeavor, at GPS, is to give out socially responsible citizens who will be an asset to our society and not a liability.


Our vision is to provide a happy, safe and stimulating learning environment to every child, wherein their innate potential is tapped and nurtured along with the core life skills moulding them into individuals who will be an asset to the society.


  • Inculcate good reading habits in students of all classes and also ensure technologically aided improved learning levels in all classes and all subjects.
  • Strengthen the five domains- physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual & patriotic.
  • Duly recognize, nurture and reward the qualities, skills & talents.
  • Work with just the right mix of words, chalk and technology.
  • Instill the necessary virtue of discipline in the children.